Sunday, 16 November 2014

First Troops

Finally the first troops are ready!

Hopefully someone can show me how to play the game with my mad 250 pt skillz:

Sunday, 9 November 2014


I've finished the first unit! Armoured sentinels, I don't know why I always make glowy bits purple, I always regret it afterwards! Fairly pleased with the speed at which these came out though (only a handful of hours).

The freehand is a bit janky too, but that's what you get for a quick job!


Another quick post to show some basing I was asked about. The previous posts bases were using cork and GW's Agrellan Earth to make the crackle effect. This base was too, but to a little higher standard since it was for a display miniature (which I never finished!)...

 Also I skimmed then sanded the back smooth because it was for display.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Basing Prototypes

<< Checkword #d9-alpha
<<Deployment confirmed>>
<<Planet Type: desert world>>

<<Transmission Ends>>

So the first bases are done, they ended up a little less orange than I'd hoped and I think I should have added some sand to get them more desert like but I'm happy enough with them, should provide a good counterpoint to blue tones on the troops.

I will need to blend the metal parts into the base with some orange 'dust' but I'll do that near the end.

Onwards to the miniatures!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Swift and Strong

The 22nd Delton Eagles are on of the oldest Militarium Tempestus regiments, with a history of triumphs stretching back many thousands of years. Unfortunately they have also known defeat, including the regiments blackest day, spoken only of as 'the lomax incident'. This is a story of a regiment preparing for the latest war, on an arid dusty planet called Orum II.

Currently in the care of the Imperial Navy, the regiment prepares it's latest soldiers..

The plan for this force is to mostly base it on Militarium Tempestus regiment, but to include Astra Militarium stuff as allies as the newbies of the regiment. The basing is a desert world, looking for an orangey tone to contrast the blues of the uniforms.

Progress so far:

Sunday, 26 October 2014

New Project : The 22nd Delton Eagles

The Ark is full of the smells of a regiment preparing for war.

Adepts run this way and that annointing the machines of the ommisiah, whilst their human counterparts drill endlessly in the practise arenas...

Coming soon: The 22nd Delton Eagles.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Struggling with the grey knight

I've been struggling a bit with this guy and been working mad hours, but I'd like some opinion on this I think. For some reason the photos all look awful, I'm sure it doesn't look that bad in real life! :(

Anyway, very very much WIP but do you think this is gonna end up working or is the pallet too blue? That's my main worry it's a lot of work and at this point it just looks like rubbish to me, but maybe I've been starring at it too long! :p

Would love some opinions!